Monitoring, purifying & condition managing your critical fluids. Saving you money, improving your equipment performance & reliability & helping the environment

Already having ‘low power’, ‘high downtime’? B35 will be
an even bigger challenge!

  • Want to know how to better manage your fuel doing your own particulate & water testing ‘on-site’ & ‘real-time’
  • Want to know how you can do your own FAME (biodiesel) % testing ‘on-site’ & ‘real-time’
  • Want to know how you can do continuous condition monitoring of your biodiesel that can live report locally or anywhere?
  • Would you like to see FluidTek’s complete procedures to optimally receive, store, condition & dispense biodiesel?

Delays in receiving as well as sampling & sending samples for a
laboratory reports for lubes can be a serious problem !

  • What if you could get a portable testing unit, that could get you particulate (ISO) & water RH% ‘real-time’
  • What if you could also get some root cause analysis for particulate with the same small testing unit
  • What if you could get another portable testing unit to give you virtually every lab test parameter – ’on-site’ & ‘real-time’
  • FluidTek also can provide a complete no CAPEX service to give you all this analysis & digital reporting, including actively looking for ‘root cause’ for problems & developing countermeasures – at your site!

Modern condition monitoring sensors that can alert you continually
for ‘in-situation’ & ‘real time’ on the health of your oils

  • Condition monitoring sensors that enable reducing operating costs, breakdowns & increase life & productivity
  • See any change in oil quality detected instantly, accurately measured & reported to you anywhere you need it
  • Track your oil life over its entire degradation cycle to understand if you could extend ODI’s & change it when it actually needs it
  • Oil condition is a critical indicator of early equipment problems. Being remotely monitored facilitates longer life with reduced maintenance costs

Since the introduction of biodiesel fuel blends, contamination has
become a major issue, but much more so with slow moving fuels (standby gensets)!

  • Your biodiesel fuel in your standby genset tanks must be regularly treated for it to remain okay to use.
  • The fuel in your tanks will become so contaminated, your gensets will not run properly or may not start in an emergency when you need them
  • What if there was a way to safely clean both the tanks as well as the fuel for reliable use, while it is still in the tank & ready if you need it (online)
  • FluidTek can not only do this, but provide you with Contamination Control Audit reports showing the fuel we treat is up to World-Wide Fuel Charter ISO standards

Low cost & high uptime satellite ‘ship to shore’ communications with
any asset monitoring sensor your ship needs!

  • Exceptionally low cost but very high uptime satellite communications for asset monitoring solutions & web based monitoring software
  • Would you like a very wide choice of condition monitoring sensor data sent to you onshore, continuously in ‘real-time’
  • How about fuel mass flow, oil quality, vibration, fuel contamination levels & exhaust emission data, all shown live?
  • This complete asset monitoring system can also be provided on an OPEX basis with single monthly fees, over a period that suits you

Biodiesel Conditioning Systems
We have designed & locally built fuel conditioning recirculation systems designed for biodiesel blends

High Flow Multi Element Fuel Filtration

Fuel & Tank Cleaning Services
Standby gensets or slow moving fuel tank cleaning, that can be done safely ‘online’ (cleaning the fuel & tank at the same time) with guaranteed cleanliness results

Guaranteed World-Wide Fuel Charter Purity Tested On-site

Lubricant Conditioning Services
Lubricant cleaning services with kidney type systems that can extend your lube life by up to 10 times!

On-Site Fuel & Lubricant Sampling & Analysis
Real time (no delay) sampling & contamination testing & reports with recommendations for lubes & fuels

Marine Condition Monitoring & Fuel Systems
Real time (no delay) sampling & contamination testing & reports with recommendations for lubes & fuels

OPEX only (no investment) options available!

Industrial Measuring, High Pressure Systems Diagnostics & Condition Monitoring Equipment
Unbeatable German made quality products with unrivaled technical & service support

HySense® Sensor Range


USB, Bluetooth & Wireless connectivity system for condition monitoring sensors with ranges up to 5km

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