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Clean & Dry Fuel

FluidTek is Your Trusted Partner in Fluid Contamination Control. We are making sure your fuel are clean & dry. With clean & dry fuel, you can saves money in many different ways. We will give you some examples of what can you get with clean and dry fuel and this all could help you to improve your business efficiency.

Why Do You Need Clean and Dry Fuel?

BioDiesel (BioSolar) Indonesia

Biodiesel is a fuel made using materials from living things. Besides palm oil, biodiesel can also be made using other vegetables oil such as soy, sunflower, rapeseed, etc. The B number indicates the percentage of biodiesel. That means Biodiesel is a blend of 20% biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel (soon will be B30). Find out more about biodiesel problems, characteristics, and the regulations below:

Biodiesel Problems

Background on problems & challenges for industry using BioDiesel in Indonesia

Biodiesel Characteristics

Find out how biodiesel (specifically) is different from petroleum diesel (BO)

Biodiesel Regulations

Current & proposed regulations for the use of BioDiesel in Indonesia

Filtration Systems

These are some fuel filtration type that has a different filtration process.
Click for more detail review about advantages & disadvantages including with B20 BioDiesel Fuel

Particulate Filtration

Water Separators – Centrifuge

Water Separators – Coalescing

Water Separators – Absorption

Biocides – “Caution!”

FluidTek Solutions

How FluidTek can provide complete fuel storage management & fuel conditioning systems solving the BioDiesel puzzle

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PFM Blue System

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These are how FluidTek systems can be effectively applied to your critical operation to improve equipment reliability & save costs

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About FluidTek

Started in Indonesia since 2014 as a 100% locally owned company, PT. Fluida Teknologi Indonesia identified the opportunity for using technology, to greatly improve the quality of water, fuel & lubricants. FluidTek strives to work on a consultative basis, we properly understand what is the optimal quality solution for our clients, with any of the fluids they require for their operations.

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Professional & Complete Laboratory Fuel & Lubricant Analysis & Reporting (Indonesia)

Small To Very Large Capacity ‘Diesel Defence’ Fuel Polishing Systems & Specialist Filter Elements (UK)

Specialist Fuel System Using Photochemistry To Kill & Break Apart Microbial Growth & Remove Water (NZ)